Best Bulk Goose Down to Stuff a Coat

by Greg
(United States)

Question: Would you know what type of down to buy and where best to get bulk goose down to repair a down coat.

It looks like they cheated us on the upper part of the coat where there isn't any down.

Thank you for your web site!

Answer: I found two suppliers you might find have interesting offers although I have no prior purchases with them. offers quality bulk Hungarian goose down at competitive prices ($85/lbs) but a minimum order of 2.2lbs is required. I think the quality of this down is best suited for the fabrication of bedding and garments. would be better suited suited for upholstering needs. The quality of the down is not as high (the price is $32.00/lbs) but the necessity for warmth on furniture is not nearly as important as if you were constructing sleeping bags, duvets, or garments.
Country Air has a 5% discount on first purchase.

Hope this helps in your search.

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