Bedding Protector : MAKE IT A PRIORITY

Bedding is an investment so keep it safe with bedding protectors and it will be kept delightfully clean, healthy, and comfortable for many years simply by using bedding protector (AKA encasements).

When purchasing bedding consider encasements & covers at the same time.

If you put it off too long, you may just forget about it until the cat hops on the bed and leaves a nasty stain or you start suffering from allergy symptoms.

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Leave Nothing Uncovered

You can easily afford simple bedding encasements that will keep your bedding clean and mite or bug free. Unless you suffer from allergies, bed wetting, or you have pets an inexpensive polyester-cotton encasement will do the trick as will the even cheaper --but less comfortable vinyl protectors.

Protective pillow covers are by far the most important as you spend several hours a day with your face directly on them.

You can buy Bedding Protector Mattress Covers in all standard mattress sizes.

Feather Bed Covers are not as common in department stores but can easily be found online. Feather beds are very difficult to clean because of their size so it's all the more important to keep them protected and a contour sheet will not do the trick.

Duvet protector covers are well worth the cost when you consider the price of a quality duvet, how easy it is to get dirty, and the trouble dust mites can cause. Considering the cost and luxury of a down duvet or comforter and the life expectancy of a protective cover makes the cost of a Basic Comforter Protector Full/Queen (90""x93"") " easier to bare.

Still not convinced that protective encasements are essential, consider this

  • They are simple but effective

  • Well price, even cheap when on sale

  • Protect against dust mites

  • Eliminate or reduce allergies

  • Control off-gassing from your mattress

  • Help maintain product shape

  • Washed in home washer

  • Keep your bedding clean and make feather care a snap

GM Recer from the New York State Department of Health, Center for Environmental Health wrote in a review on the effects of impermeable bedding encasements on dust mite allergen exposure:

...targeting the use of variably effective interventions such as bedding encasements toward those patient sub-populations most likely to derive substantial benefit may gain the largest net public-health benefit”.

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