Goose Down Dust Mites ...Probably Not!

Avoiding goose down will NOT rid your home of dust mites!

Whether or not you live with the luxury of goose down dust mites will make themselves at home if given the right environment.

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Why Goose Down & Dust Mites Clash

Mites do NOT feed on feathers or down.

Unlike polyester feathers and down are breathable and do NOT trap perspiration.

Both Canadian and American Down Association certified goose down have undergone a thorough selection and cleaning process to the point of sterilizing the feathers.

Down proof bedding fabrics are constructed with high thread count fabric to control feather loss and acts as a barrier against dust and mites.

To get a better understanding of what goose allergies are all about go to the the following article.

Goose Down & Feather Allergies Information.

Not To Be Confused With The Bed Bug

Bed bugs and Dust Mites are often confused, and understandably so, but they are actually very different.

Bed bugs are a 6 legged parasite with antennae -- Dust mites have eight legs like spiders and have no antennae. Bed bugs can easily been seen to the naked eye but dust mites are smaller and feed on dead skin rather than blood.

In general most people aren't bothered by mites but...

If you are experiencing

  • Watery itchy eyes

  • Wheezing

  • Stuffy or runny nose

  • Sneezing

  • Your symptoms are worse when in bed or upon waking

You are probably suffering from an allergic reaction to dust mites!

If you are feeling itchy and have actual bug bites, bed bugs might be to blame.

Grab a flash light and turn out the lights

  • Check behind your head board and the wall

  • Check base boards behind your bed

  • Pull back your sheets and check the seams of your mattress

  • Look in between the mattress and box spring

  • Even check electrical outlets and telephone jacks

If you find bed bugs or the red blood spots they leave behind consider purchasing a new bed set. Bed bugs breed fast and although easily preventable can be very difficult, if not nearly impossible to eliminate.

Check out this video we found on You Tube of about bed bugs...Yikes!

Prevention is Key

The best thing you can do for your health where your bedding is concerned is to protect it with encasements.

This will keep your bed protected from dust mites because your mattress, pillows, duvets, and feather beds will remain much cleaner.

They will be protected from accidents and spills, your sweat and dead skin will stay away from the actually bedding and are understandably much easier to clean!


  1. Never eat in bed.

  2. Shower and exfoliate daily before bed.

  3. Cover you mattress and bedding with protective covers. Even the inexpensive vinyl covers will do the trick.

  4. Open windows often to air out rooms.

  5. Control humidity between 40 – 50 % with a dehumidifier or air conditioner.

  6. Clean linens weekly at a temperature of more than 55 degrees celcius (130 F) --Dry cleaning will not kill mites.

  7. Sort clutter in the room to make it easy to clean.

  8. Dust and vacuum weekly.

  9. Use blinds instead of drapes for your windows.

  10. Avoid using bed skirts.

  11. Keep stuffed toys to a minimum and off the bed.

  12. Remove carpeting from the bedrooms.

  13. Inspect hotel beds and keep your clothes off the bed & floors.

  14. When returning from travels launder all you clothing.

  15. You can also put your pillows in a plastic bag and freeze them to kill any suspected mites

If you are looking to have your bedding cleaned rather than purchasing a new mattress set has a state of the art dry system to clean and rid your mattress of dust mites!


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