Down Care Essentials

Feather bedding gives so much and asks for little in return other than a little loving down care.


Once you've experienced the caress me down feeling you'll take pleasure in the little extra care required to keep your bedding healthy and clean.

 Yes, Washing Goose Down is O.K.

But before you set yourself to the task, ask yourself if your bedding really needs it?

 Cleaning Schedule: 


Contour sheet

Once a week

Pillow cases

Duvet cover



Once a month

Feather bed


Mattress (no feather bed)

Down Bedding


Once or twice a year


Every three to five years

Feather bed

Every five years

*chart based on bedding being protected with encasements or coverings


General Guidelines

    Always follow manufacturers instructions above all else!

    Dry cleaning is not recommended, unless your cleaner is a specialist! 

    Only use gentle liquid detergents or a Down Cleaner made specifically for washing down and feathers.

    Feather beds are often too big --use a certified professional fabric & feather cleaner.

    Spot clean stains.

    Dry down thoroughly!

Looking for specifics on Cleaning Down Pillows

  Why Protective Encasements or Coverings?

    They are simple but effective.

    Well priced, cheap even when on sale.

    Protect against dust mites.

    Eliminate or reduce allergies.

    Help maintain product shape.

    Washed in home washer.

    Make feather care a snap.


    Your Caress Me Down is Flat?

    Is your pillow or duvet just lying there--flat? 

    Airing your duvet or comforter outside on a close line will keep it lofty and fresh--be sure to have a few hooks to hold the top and bottom line together.

    For an extra fluffy boost put it in the dryer, on tumble [cold air] setting for 15-20 minutes.  You'll be delightfully surprise when you open the dryer.  Throw in a fabric softner dryer sheet for a nice scent, and don't forget your tennis ball or Down Fluffer if you have one. 

    Your duvet or pillow will be as delightful as the day you bought it, probably more.


    Loosing your feathers and your mind?

    If you already have a duvet -- poor feather care neglected duvet-- and it's loosing feathers you can have it refurbished by specialized professionals. The cost can be considerable so you might want to replace it entirely.  So unless you have a very high quality down product, like an eiderdown duvet or comforter, you should check out the fun and useful Feather Loss Solutions 


    Feather Storage Tips

    If you like to switch your down bedding with the change of seasons take a few minutes to ensure that your bedding will be as useful and delightful when you decide to use it again.

    Down Care for Sleeping Bags

    Down care also applies to your sleeping bag so view our  

    cleaning down sleeping bag tips before you get started.

    Naturally sleeping bags endure harsher conditions. If your sleeping bag has seen better days, it may make dollar sense to consider sleeping bag repair to get your money's worth out of your investment.



    Hope is a Thing With Feathers

    By Emily Dickinson

    Hope is a thing with feathers

    and sings a tune without words

    and never stops at all.

    And sweetest, in the gale, is heard

    and sore must be the storm

    that could abash the little bird

    that keeps so many warm.

    I've heard it in the chillest land

    and on the strangest sea

    yet, never, in extremity

    it ask a crumb of me.


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