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Great deals are hard to resist, but choosing just one from such a wide variety of styles of duvet comforter covers at such great prices is even harder!

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You could easily store away five or six unused duvet covers in the place of one bulky comforter. And they wouldn't always be toppling down either!

What better reason to collect different comforter covers and switch them to your heart's content for different looks.




Cotton Duvet Cover - Pales - Butter - King (102""x86"") "

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Nautica Bedding Waterside King Stripe Duvet Cover

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And that's just the beginning!

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In case you're wondering duvet comforter covers are simply large pillow cases for down comforters and duvets. The comforter cover becomes both the outer decorative part of the comforter as well as your top sheet.

It's important to use a comforter cover not only for the look but also for the sake of convenience. Down comforters and duvets are washable but you would be wearing it out needlessly and would find the process of drying the duvet too time consuming to perform weekly.

A duvet cover on the other hand is easy to slip off and throw in with the regular laundry. Figuring out how to easily put a duvet cover on can take some practice though.

A decorative duvet cover is not meant to protect your goose down duvet. They are too thin to protect from spills and not intended to act as a dust mite barrier. A protective encasement should cover your duvet insert, and the protective encasement should be covered by a decorative duvet cover.

Happy Shopping

Shopping for decorative duvet comforter covers – lucky you!

Remember that your duvet cover will also be your top sheet so choose a fabric that feels good on your skin.

  • Make sure the size of your insert matches the size of the duvet cover. A proper fit of cover and insert will prevent bunching up or shifting around.

    If bunching is already a problem you're having, there are some easy solutions. Easily sew a duvet cover to stop the insert from moving around.

  • Buttons, snaps, zipper, ties, Velcro, or flaps are used to close the bottom of duvet comforter covers.

  • Get more detailed information about how to buy a duvet cover.

  • Order custom made duvet covers or learn how sewing a duvet cover is easy, even for beginners.

The comfort and simplicity of having a down insert and cover is what makes them so popular.

It eliminates the use of a top sheet so bed making is a snap. A fitted sheet and your covered comforter is all you need.

Place pillows, give the duvet a good fluff and voila your bed is made.

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