Denim Duvet Cover

It's easy to understand why someone might enjoy having a denim duvet cover on their bed.

When people are asked what their favorite item of clothing is, many times their week end jeans is what comes to mind and it's not hard to understand why. They are comfortable, relaxed, and we just look good wearing them.

The perfect way to recreate that same comfy, casual, relaxed feeling in a bedroom is with denim duvet covers.

Karin Maki American Denim King Duvet Set

Karin Maki American Denim King Duvet Set

Unisex Bedding

A denim duvet cover will suit both boys and girls, young or old. It's all up to you how you put the room together. Denim can easily be matched with any other accent colors – jeans go with everything right.

  • For a girl add soft colors like pinks or yellows.

  • For boys red or bright green will make the denim pop.

  • Pair your duvet cover with crisp white linens for a simple but fresh adult look.

  • If you want to please your teen add a bright or patterned sheet set to the duvet for more vibrant room.

Versatile and Durable Too

Denim used for bedding is usually a thinner variety than that used for jeans so it is softer and more supple, yet durable enough to provide extra protection for the duvet itself.

If you have a pet a denim duvet cover is perfect because it will not easily show pet hairs, and is durable enough to withstand dog claws.

Plus, it can be washed often without loosing it's charm. Just like your jeans, the more you wash it the cozier it gets, which comes in handy if the duvet is being used by a teen who lives in their bedroom.

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