Caress Me Down Delights

Feel the wonderful sensations of caress me down whether you've come to discover down bedding for the first time, or if you're already a down lover let me help you make informed choices. 

Experience quality bedding just once and you will be a down lover for life. 

It's simply that great!


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What is Down Anyway?

  • down feathers are 3 dimensional, small, and fluffy clusters 

  • come from underlying contour feathers of geese and ducks

  • is a natural fiber

  • a breathable product with very high insulating properties

  • light weight

  • odorless

  • down has a quill point rather than a quill shaft -- no annoying, sharp, poking, feathers

  • down isn't cheap and should be seen as an investment to be protected


Curious to touch and feel down for yourself

You don't want the hassle of a sales person...

... go to a Sears department store. Usually they display a bed covered with an abundance of Pacific Coast Feather and down bed products. 

And please, don't be embarrassed to lie down and try it out.   That's what is there for, no?  When you buy a mattress you try it out first.  Same goes here.


More Benefits Than You Could Dream Of

 Do you wake up freezing in the middle of the night, or you can barely move under the ton of heavy blankets on your bed...

...or sleep with your socks on ladies?  Ever see a cold goose?

Caress Me Down: What Makes Down Bedding so Delightful and Cozy:

  1. Get better sleep

  2. Bed looks & feels beautiful and luxurious

  3. Eliminates or reduces allergies

  4. Keep you warm in winter and cool in summer

  5. Draws away moisture and lifts perspiration

  6. Light weight and molds the body comfortably

  7. Allows you to sleep with the window opened -- even during -30 degree Canadian winters!      

  8. Save money on heating bills

  9. Will save time making the bed

  10. All types of feathers can be composted

  11. Cleaned with the same easy care you would give your hair, or your pet duck ;-))

  12. If cared for properly can last for a decade, even generations

Reused or buy wholesale feathers and down for crafting fun and useful projects.

If you've never had the experience of working with bulk goose down and feathers -- be prepared, and find great ideas for using up goose down bulk left overs in the process.

What Is Duvet?

Duvet is actually the French word for down.   In English the word duvet is more used to describe a down filled comforter insert (AKA down duvet or down comforter ).  The duvet is filled with goose duvet and is put inside a duvet cover for protection. 

I like to call it caress me down just because it feels so good to wrap yourself up and feel the cuddles.


Down vs Synthetics

Down gives approximately three times the warmth per ounce as synthetics. Far less down is needed by weight than other fillings, which means a much lighter, but warmer product. Synthetics mat and clump together in time, leaving empty cold spots, while down continually re lofts, and molds itself to the body. Down also has the marvelous ability to breathe and wick away perspiration.” Down Association of Canada

Start your amazing journey of turning your simple bed into a caress me down sort of place you look forward to spending time in every day not only for the sleep but for comforting, restful, and luxurious sleep.

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