Down Feathers vs Synthetics

Down Feathers Are:

Cluster of fluffy and very soft 3 dimensional strands that over lap and cling to one another. Down is found on the underlying contour feathers of waterfowl with the purpose of keeping the birds warm in cold climates.

Synthetics Are:

Simply put, they are plastic [poly fibers or nylon] threads intertwined to create air pockets. Some are constructed using hollow or spiral filaments and others use a staple construction.

Is it possible to stand behind your synthetics after experiencing the delights of down bedding? Take our poll and let us know where you stand on the issue.





  • Provides 3x the warmth of synthetics

  • Lofts, moulds body, and retains shape

  • Draws away moisture preventing claminess

  • Very lightweight

  • Thermostatic: keeps you warm when cold and cool when warm

  • Very comfortable

  • Last a life time with proper care

  • Water resistant

  • Dries quickly

  • Less expensive than down

  • Easy to care for

  • Great for outdoor gear in wet environments



  • Will not keep you warm when wet

  • Takes a lot of time to dry

  • Labeling can be complicated

  • Bulky and heavier than down

  • Does not last as long as down

  • Not as comfy as down

Well even if synthetics might have their place for sleeping bags under certain out door conditions it's hard for me to imagine any man made product that could come close to the sensation of the light lofty feathers and down caressing and molding your body.

Not to mention the crisp and clean sound of the rustling of down and high thread count fabric. It's literally like being held when you lay down to sleep.

Down vs Synthetics

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