About Me & My Duvet Bedding

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Everyone asks "is that you in the picture with the duvet bedding?" The answer is no but it could just as well be. I think it reflects my love for, and delight in my down bedding.

duvet bedding, Tabatha Boudreau, down bedding delights

This is an actual picture of myself.

My very first experience with duvet bedding actually came in the form of a very hard and prickly feather pillow during a sleep over at my mother's aunt's house at the age of 4 or 5. Had you asked me then if I wanted to take the pillow home I probably would have said, “no thank-you”. I preferred my cozy bits of foam pillow that I could cuddle and squish into the perfect shape.

How things change. Now I enjoy the delightful sensations and amazing comfort of down bedding every night and I would have it no other way. Sleep has always been important to me – always listed as one of my favorite things to do and so my desire for comfort evolved from bits of foam to soft and luxurious down, which like foam bits is easy to mush up and shape just right but with the added loft for a puffier experience. I couldn't ask for more.

My Pillow And I Go Way Back

Like a lot of children who carried around a blanky I had my “baby pillow”. Gratefully my mother never took that little pillow away from me. I carried it around for many years, usually it found a resting spot on the couch where my dad would make good use of it during his Sunday afternoon naps. Eventually I stopped carrying it around but it still had it's place on my bed and I couldn't imagine sleeping without it. I brought it with me to camp, at sleepovers, for long rides in the car. My mother started tucking it under my pillow as it got tattered and worn, and I refused to get rid of it or even have it covered.

Well in my teens she covered it anyway. It was never the same again. I set off on my first quest to find the perfect pillow. My mother offered a few different pillows that were either real flat or after only a few washings got all clumpy inside, which I hated. I settled on a larger version of my baby pillow by stuffing a pillow case with small pieces of foam and sewing it up.

My Introduction To Duvet Bedding

At twenty I had a live in boyfriend who brought along his duvet. He warned me, one night sleeping under this duvet and I would be spoiled. Needless to say he wasn't wrong.

Today I have six pillows on my bed and a goose down duvet. My heavenly retreat – the upgrade from my baby pillow to my all grown up bed.

Before And Ever Since

I like to know the details, and so I had my homework to do before I set out shopping for my bedding. I had to know what I was getting and getting into. I knew the difference between feathers and down already. But what about the fill power? Sure goose is better than duck, but what about white and gray goose? Is there a difference? And the questions piled up from there. I found answers and down-bedding-delights.com is everything I learned about down bedding before and since.

I'm not claiming to be an expert but I do know an awful lot about purchasing and sleeping with down. I've spent many, many hours researching the subject both awake and asleep ;-) But if you do have a question that I'm not able to answer I'll do my very best to find the experts who can.

Turning Passion Into Profit

Anytime the subject of sleep or lack there of would come up I couldn't boast enough about my delightful bedding, not to mention the importance of a comfortable and inviting bed. I've been asked all sorts of questions. How do I wash my pillows? Is duck or goose better? What is a feather bed anyway? All the questions I had once asked myself.

When I was introduced to the possibility of starting an online business while searching for the best work at home jobs, I realized that I had the perfect opportunity to make my passion for duvet bedding my work from home business. Finally I could share the information I found with all sorts of interested people and be able to help those who ask me questions personally too.

Now that down bedding is my business I look forward to adding all kinds of duvet bedding and accessories to my collection as well as adding many pages to this site about what I learn along the way.

I hope you are able to experience duvet bedding as I have and become a down lover for life, as well as provide you with useful information to make your experience all you could dream of and More.

Sincerely Yours,

Tabatha Boudreau

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