Goose Down Bulk Leftovers

goose down bulk

Reuse feathers and left overs from goose down bulk purchases to have fun, be creative and make those you love the most feel warm and cozy inside and out.

If you've given upon your flatten out pillow, or soiled duvet and your mind is made up to buy new don't just stuff your old bedding in the garbage.

How To Reuse feathers

One way to reuse the feathers is by adding it to existing bedding to give them new life and added comfort.

Another fun option is to reuse left over bulk goose down and feathers for sewing and crafting fun projects. Let your self be inspired by sewing patterns whether you use them or not and let your imagination run free.

U shaped pillow for baby or breast feeding

Bed pillows

Quilted casserole carriers

Changing pad

Cushions & accent pillows

Draft stoppers for windows and doors

Baby bottle warmers

Gum drop pillows or ottomans

Decorations & costumes

Covers for shopping carts, car seats, strollers

Reading pillows

Earings & jewlery

Teddy bears

Pet beds

Book marks

When making down bedding from recycled or bulk goose down use a down proof fabric such as Cambric or Egyptian cotton.

A thread count of 300 or more will help prevent feather loss and dust mites.

If you are making something to give away as a gift attach a little card that shows you care that much more with a personal message and care instructions.

If you've already tried your hand at creating with down and feathers but you have run out of stuffing from old or unused bedding check out wholesale feathers.

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