Buying Wholesale Feathers And Down

Are you wondering if buying wholesale feathers and down is possible? The answer is YES.

Buying Bulk Tips

Consider what type of down or feathers are best for your project.

If you want to add some fluff to your existing bedding buying bulk goose down or duck down is your best option but if you are making chair cushions you might want to use larger feathers for added support and shape retention.

Buy less expensive duck feathers for projects like accent pillows where warmth is not an issue.

Go with white goose down instead of gray or duck if you are sewing with a sheer or transparent fabric.

Not all, but many merchants have a minimum purchase requirement.

Most commonly wholesale feathers and down are sold by the pound but there are a few out there who sell by the ounce.

Some manufacturers have special prices for those who are buying bulk goose down for resale. So if you have a registered business number, [even if only to sell your sewing projects at craft shows] be sure and mention it for a special discount.

Find Bulk Goose Down

The easiest place to buy feathers and down in bulk is online.

Don't be afraid to ask questions about the quality and cleanliness of their product.

It's ok to shop around for deals but if a price seems too good to be true the product might be of poor quality and dirty.