Feather Storage Tips

Consider these feather storage tips if you own several duvets/comforters that you like to switch around with the change of seasons, or if you have several extra pillows for guests.

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Follow these basic tips to keep your bedding clean for the next time you need them.

  • Do not over-pack down for long periods of time. Fold your duvet/comforter neatly but do not compress until all air is removed.

  • Use cotton storage bags, not plastic. Plastic doesn't breathe and will not allow for air to circulate inside.

    If you use a non breathable bag or container your bedding will have a moldy, musty, smell when you take it out to use it.

    Put a fabric softener dryer sheet in the storage bag for a nice scent.

  • Do not put heavy items on top of your stored down bedding.

    If you're tight on shelving space purchase a storage bag that can hang on a hook or clothes hanger in your closet to save space.

  • Do not place stored bedding near a heat source.

  • Air out on a clothes line or give a spin in the dryer on the cool air setting after storage to restore loft and puffiness.

    Add a fabric softener sheet or a clean cloth with a few dabs of your favorite essential oil for a pleasant smell.

If you can't find a big enough breathable bag use an inexpensive duvet/comforter cover or encasement. If you have several duvet covers use one of them.

For added protection against dust mites, moths, and bed bugs get a storage bag with a membrane fabric and zipper closure. These heavy duty bags will insure your down bedding is clean and healthy come winter.

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