How To Dry After Washing Down Pillows

Now that you are done washing down pillows it's time to dry them. Although it comes last, the drying process is most important. Dry down thoroughly . Mold and bacteria can build up inside the pillow if it is not dried properly through and through.

Once you have removed the pillows from the washer give them a good shake to break up and clumps and return the pillow to it's usual shape.

Inspect the pillow for any tears or holes that may have occurred during the washing down pillows process.

If you're afraid the down and feathers might leak in the dryer put the pillow into a clean cotton pillow case and sew it up quickly and then get it in the dryer.


After cleaning your down pillows hang them on the clothes line on a breezy day. It may take all day for them to dry, maybe even two days, so check the weather forecast before hand if you do not have the option of bringing in the pillows and popping them in the dryer if need be.

Wet pillows are heavy so use a “S” shaped hook to hold your bottom and top line together.

Avoid leaving your pillows exposed to direct sunlight for too long. The heat will destroy oils essential to the down and feather's performance.

In The Dryer

Set your dryer to tumble dry on cool air. Using heat on down will destroy the natural oil, lanolin, that keeps the feathers from becoming brittle and breaking. If the down and feathers break apart they will loose their ability to loft, insulate, and keep you warm.

Add a tennis ball or two, or use rubber rings called Down Fluffer in the dryer to prevent the pillows from bunching up.

For a nice smell add in a fabric softener sheet, or a clean cotton cloth with a few dabs of your favorite essential oil.

Dry for a several hours. Keep in mind that pillows are thick, and even though the outside may feel dry the middle may still be wet or damp.

Take the pillows out and shake them up regularly while drying and check the dryer for overheating. If too many pillows are placed in the dryer it may overheat and cause a fire.

Continue checking and drying your pillows an hour after they feel dry to the touch to be sure they are dry inside and out.

Drying down pillows is very time consuming. Keep your pillows covered with protective encasements to cut back on washing.

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