Losing Feathers Has Its Rewards

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Losing feathers can be so annoying you'll wonder if you're going to loose your mind. Don't despair there are solutions.

Your Bedding Is New

  • You could cover it in a zippered protective cover that would keep the feathers contained – until you need to wash the cover. If this is your solution of choice take it outside before removing to wash because once you open the zipper an unmanageable flutter of feathers will be released.

  • Spray your bedding article with some starch spray. It has been suggested for down jackets so maybe it will work on bedding too. Do one side at a time letting each dry in between.

    You can either purchase a commercial laundry starch spray or make your own using:

    1 tablespoon cornstarch

    1/2 cup water

    1. Mix the cornstarch and the water in a saucepan over medium heat (not boiling) until mixture is smooth and transparent.
    2. Let it cool enough so you can safely pour it into a spray bottle.

  • The reason your new bedding is losing feathers is because the fabric that covers the down and feathers is not down proof.

    For your next purchase remember that the best down proof fabrics are Cambric and Egyptian cotton. If that is simply too much for your budget go with a less expensive fabric but with a thread count of 300 or more. That should noticeably reduced if not solve the problem.

Your Bedding Has Seen Better Days

If your down bedding has seen better days and is losing feathers consider the following Recycle Reuse Reduce options.

Recycle feathers in your compost

Adding feathers to your compost is great for the soil. Similar to hair, feathers contain substantial amounts of a protein called keratin. Advantages such as better soil structure, moisture retention, and slow releasing nutrients are reasons enough to consider adding feathers to your compost. If your feather bedding was covered with an organic fiber such as cotton you could throw the entire item on the compost pile. Adding your compost soil to your flower beds will give new meaning to down bedding delights ;-)

How to reuse feathers and goose down to have fun, be creative and make those you love the most feel warm and cozy inside and out.

Reduce your consumption and spending

If your bedding is still a welcoming delight at the end of the day but is worn, losing feathers, or so dirty you feel it's time to have it replaced you can reduce your spending and feather consumption by having it restored.

The down will be emptied, cleaned, and then re-stuffed into a new casing. This is especially economical if you have expensive, quality bedding. The fun part is that you can have down added to your duvet to make it like brand new without consuming all the feathers of a new duvet.

When choosing to restore ask about shipping fees, including taxes, duties, or brokerage fees, and guarantees. You may be responsible for shipping costs. Shipping costs are based on weight therefore restoring feather beds may actually cost much more than it is worth.

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