Instructions For Cleaning Down Pillows

Cleaning down pillows is simple and easy but it's important that it be done properly. Most importantly you should always follow the manufacturers instructions above all else, but in most cases dry cleaning is not recommended.

On this page you will find instructions on

  • How To Wash Down Pillows

  • Spot Cleaning Down Pillows

  • How To Dry After Washing Down Pillows

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If your pillow has been covered with a protective encasement it isn't necessary to wash it more than once or twice a year. Your pillow cases should be washed weekly and the protective encasement monthly since they will absorb the body oils and dander left behind.

Before you get started inspect the fabric covering your pillows to make sure that the fabric is not too worn by use to withstand being washed. If the fabric is torn or the seams are starting to unsew putting them into the washer may result in a very messy situation.

If you're pillows have seen better days and you are worried about the feathers coming out of the pillow put them in zippered pillow covers before putting them into the washing machine.

Put a safety pin at the end of the zipper to keep it closed during the wash.

How To Wash Down Pillows

Wet down is heavy so if you own a large capacity washing machine cleaning down pillows from home shouldn't be a problem. If you are worried that the load may be to heavy for your machine take them to a laundromat and use the large load machines there. If you have the option front loading machines clean better and are gentler.

Only use gentle liquid detergents like Woolite or down Down Cleaner made specifically for washing down and feathers.

Harsh cleaners and bleach will cause the feathers to break down and loose their warmth and ability to loft.

Wash pillows two or three at a time depending on their size. To balance the washer load place pillows on all sides of the extra large capacity machine washer.

  1. Start your washer before you insert the pillows. If you have the options available on your machine set the washer on pre-soak and extra rinse cycles.

  2. As the washing machine fills with water add about one-half cup of detergent. Let the machine fill and agitate a minute to mix the soap and water well.

  3. Stop the machine and place the pillows to balance the load. Down and feathers float so you will have to push the pillows under water and squeeze out as much air as possible. Leave the pillows to soak for up to a few hours. Remove air again and then start the machine back up on the wash cycle.

  4. Once the entire cycle has been completed put the pillows through a second spin cycle to get out as much water as possible. Remove the pillows and set to dry immediately after the washing machine has completed it's spin cycle.

Spot Cleaning Down Pillows

  1. Use a spray bottle filled with a mixture of soap and water. You could also add a little (1 tsp) baking soda for added cleaning power.

  2. Spray the soiled area of the pillow making sure that you do not wet it all the way through.

  3. Use a scrubbing brush or tooth brush and gently scrub the dirt away. As the spot is lifting absorb the dirty suds with a dry paper towel or cloth. Continue until spot is completely removed.

  4. Then wipe clean with a damp cloth.

  5. Set to dry.

Drying your pillows is extremely important to prevent mold and bacteria from growing inside and possibly causing you allergic reactions.

Here's how to go about drying after washing down pillows.

Cleaning down pillows is simple but time consuming.
Save time and wear on your pillows by covering them with protective encasements.

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