Bedding Encasement Protection Types

The best bedding protector encasement for you depends largely on your needs and your budget.

How much protection does your bedding need? Different beds in your home may require different levels of protection.

Will the bed be used by a bed wetter?

Will the bedding be used while eating and drinking?

Will a family cat or dog have access to the bed?

bedding encasement, protect against pet

Vinyl Covers

Vinyl covers are the least expensive of protective covers. They are great for kids or bed wetters because they act as a barrier to fluids, odor and dust mites. They can be easily wiped down, but they can be noisy and hot to sleep on.

Adding a flannel blanket between the bedding protector and the fitted sheet (that can quickly be change during night time emergencies) will make the cover more comfortable to sleep on.

Covers With A Waterproof Lining

Covers with a waterproof lining are made with a water resistant layer often made of vinyl covered with a layer of fabric.
They offer the same waterproof protection as the vinyl and they can also be warm to sleep on BUTmuch more comfortable than vinyl alone.

They offer both fluid protection and the absorbency of a lining free bedding protector. They offer the highest protection against allergies, bed wetting & spills, and are highly recommended for pet owners.

Covers Without A Waterproof Lining

Covers without a waterproof lining are very comfortable to sleep on and although they are absorbent they are not resistant to spills. If you wash your bed regularly and do not suffer from allergies, bed bugs or own pets they offer the best encasement bedding protection for the comfort.

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