Cheap Duvets

You Get What You Pay For

The old adage you get what you pay for couldn't be any more true than when purchasing cheap duvets and other down bedding.

Cheap duvets offer cheap comfort and warmth, and frustrations--but no delights.

Quality duvets cost anywhere from $200-$10 000 or more depending on the size, feather type, material used to cover the feathers, and the construction of the duvet.

When investing in a quality comforter or duvet you are purchasing an heirloom. If protected and kept clean a quality duvet will last for generations to come.

Cheap duvets are not constructed with the same quality, care, or guidelines

  • The down will shift to the bottom leaving you with uncomfortable cold spots (you don't get cold spots on a well constructed duvet or comforter)

  • the comforter will loose it's loftiness within months (it will be flattened out and not fluffy anymore)

  • inexpensive linens means that you are getting a low thread count (number of threads found in a square inch of material)

  • it's likely your duvet will loose feathers

  • dust mites will get through the material

  • the down may be dirty and have an unpleasant odor

  • may not meet labeling standards.

The only excuse to buy cheap down bedding is if you plan on using them in a pillow fight.pillows

Don't despair, not everyone needs to have the "best".

It is possible for you to get well built, industry compliant products for a reasonable price.

We suggest you make a purchased based on your needs, and quality, rather than on price alone.

It's a much better idea to save up a few extra dollars and take advantage of white linen sales (usually January).

If you're ready to make a purchase browse online to find what you are looking for. But if you aren't sure of what you need exactly and would rather avoid getting the wrong type of down bedding, check out the down comforters page for more information.

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