Down Memory Foam Slippers

Without a doubt down memory foam slippers are the perfect combination for cold or sore feet. Our feet are the most abused parts of our bodies.

They carry us around all day, every day. According to the average person takes somewhere between 8000 and 10 000 steps a day!

Our Feet Take A Beating

When our feet are sore we feel it all over. It starts in the feet, then the ankle, and knee, all the way up to the hip and spine. If you are truly suffering you should see a doctor and a pair of down and memory foam slippers certainly won't hurt either.

The support and elasticity of memory foam relieves pressure points on the feet as would a memory foam mattress. The down adds warmth and mushiness. It's like a little mattress and duvet for your feet ;-)

Together it is easy to imagine that memory foam and down slippers will evoke soothing and cozy sensations for your feet that will be felt through out your body.

Treat Your Feet

Unwind after a long day with a bath, cup of tea and wrap you feet in your down memory foam slippers. You'll feel like you are getting a foot massage with every step you take.

Unlike down alone, the memory foam in these slippers will help maintain their shape as well as withstand more rugged conditions.

Down memory foam slippers can be worn indoors and outdoors.

They can easily be slipped on and off for quick trips to the corner store or picking up the kids from school. You can enjoy your morning cup of coffee while you stroll around your property with cozy tootsies.

Smokers who restrict their bad habit to outdoors will love having a pair of slippers that go from indoors to outdoors.

Ladies, even the most anti slipper kind of guy will want to wear these cool looking indoor/outdoor slippers. He may not know it yet, or even want to admit it, but surprise him with a pair and you may both be in for a delightful surprise.

They Will Keep Your Feet Warm

Slippers combined with memory foam and down are very warm, so if you live in a warm climate use your better judgment in deciding if the warmth is something you need.

If you live in a cold climate then your down filled slippers will be the only reason you'll be sad to say good bye to winter.

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