Dreary winters

by Jennifer
(Dallas, TX)

I hate winters. To begin with, they remind me of cold bathroom tiles, frosty windows, runny nose, layers and layers of clothing, flu vaccinations and snow-clogged driveways. Also, they are exceptionally bad in Boston, which is where I live. I’ve been thinking of moving to a warmer place for a long time now, but something or the other always comes up and delays my plans.

Last year, it was my son’s college and this year, it is my daughter’s wedding. I guess, now I’m just waiting to retire with my wife so I can call it a day. The kids are welcome to join us or stay back and visit whenever time permits. My old bones are cannot take these extreme freezing temperatures and my asthma becomes awfully bad in winters.

For years, we’ve been using eiderdowns in our home. I am so used to them that I cannot sleep in anything else. The soft, warm feathers of the down duck are a gift to the entire human race. You have to sleep in one to know, or rather feel, the difference. Once you do, you’ll never be able to sleep in anything else again. Yes, I know the big bedding packages at our departmental stores are attractively priced. They include a comforter, a pillow, and sheet and pillow case. The patterns are really nice and cheerful and you believe it’s a too-good-to-be-true deal. It probably is, too but, the difference in quality, warmth and durability between synthetic stuff and down feathers is incomparable.

As these eiderdowns are quite expensive, my wife and I bought only two every month. Now, I have about 12 of these at home and they’ve been in the family for almost a decade. Nothing has happened to them and they have not lost their shape, warmth or texture. It’s really an investment to make!!!

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