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Sierra Designs Men's Down Booties (Spring 2009)

Sierra Designs Men's Down Booties (Spring 2009) foot duvets are an indispensable part of an outdoors man's gear. Of course they are great for women too. Sierra Designs Women's Down Booties (Fall 2009)

Shop for down booties from outdoor gear specialists for the best quality and guarantee.

Sierra Designs Boys Down Booties (Spring 2008)

Sierra Designs Boys Down Booties (Spring 2008)

They come in handy for anyone who enjoys spending time outside participating in cold climate activities such as:

  • Camping

  • Fishing

  • Hunting

  • Skiing

  • Sliding

  • Snowmobiling

The pleasure of slipping into a pair of foot duvets after ice skating is easy to imagine.

...Your throbbing feet cushioned and warmed, with room to breath and wiggle your toes.

They also come in handy to get around the ski village or quick errands in town.

The smaller and more compact models can keep you warm in extremely cold temperatures. They are excellent for hikers because of their light weight.

If you travel in a rural areas during the winter time they can also easily be kept in your vehicle's emergency kit for the security of knowing you'll be able to keep your feet warm in an emergency.

Keep a pair in the car if you often leave the house in dress footwear during cold temperatures. Ever get to the car after a night out and your toes should be blue they are so cold? Canadian women do ;-) Imagine getting in the car and slipping into your cozy and warm down booties.

Read Labels And Product Descriptions

Down Type: the general rule is that goose down is warmer than duck down with the exception of down from Eider Ducks. Goose down is also more expensive. Make your choice of down type based on temperature ratings and budget.

Fill Power: the higher the numbers the warmer the foot duvets. 500 being the coolest and 800 the hottest.

Temperature ratings: Evaluate what your uses and needs are for your down booties. Your needs are very different if you are embarking on an extreme cold expedition or if you are enjoying outdoor winter family recreations for a few hours at a time.

Fabric: Breathable fabrics always work best with down and therefore foot duvets are recommended for extremely cold but dry climates...

...BUT if you are at risk of getting them wet, it would be wise to purchase down booties designed and constructed with waterproof fabric specifically designed for such conditions. Failing to do so could spell a disaster in some situations because down looses it's heating properties when wet.

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