Memory Foam And Down Pillow Combined

If you are a back sleeper a memory foam and down pillow might just be the perfect pillow you've been looking for.

They combine the snugly softness against your skin of down and the cushiony, cradling support of the memory foam for you head, neck and shoulders.

Not recommended for stomach sleepers or those side sleepers who like to mush up and cuddle with their pillow but...

...if you enjoy reading in bed put a memory foam pillow at the back for cushiony support and a few down pillows over them for warmth and coziness.

...if you have a problems with snoring or breathing, sleeping on a slightly elevated angle may provide some relief. A memory foam and down pillow is great to use at the base and then top with with your snugly all down pillow.

Sears Canada

Shopping Advice

As always when shopping reading labels and detailed descriptions is very important!

Beware of misleading advertising that sometimes uses the term “down like” to perhaps give the impression that down is used in the pillow when in fact there is no down or feathers, just synthetics.

Memory foam has an odor from off gassing that can be anywhere from unnoticeable to unbearable.
It all depends on how sensitive you are but in most cases a little time and a bedding protector pillow encasement will solve the problem.

Read customer reviews to see if there are any odor complaints. Too many of those should raise a red flag!

How It's Done

The are basically two different combination pillow constructions:

Down wrapped memory foam pillows are built with a memory foam core that is surrounded by down. How the down is placed inside varies. Some of the cores are held within a removable down lined pillow cover, while others loosely surround the core inside the pillow.

Two sided down and memory foam pillows are constructed so that on one side you have down and memory foam pillow on the other side. It's like having two pillows in one with just a quick flip.

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