Buyer Beware Siberian Goose Down Comforter

Caution is prescribed by the Down Association of Canada to those considering a Siberian goose down comforter or Siberian goose down pillows before laying down your hard earned cash.

Although “siberian” down bedding is advertised as one of the most highly rated goose down and top of the range bedding in the world the DAC has been unsuccessful in verifying the authenticity of Siberian Down.

Even with all their trade connections, and inquiries with Government agencies they have not found a single goose farm in Siberia.

Not Surprising Because


Red Breasted Goose

also known as the Siberian Goose

  • is an endangered species protected by international treaty.

  • Is a migratory bird escaping extreme Siberian clamatic conditons (-71 o Celcius).

  • The feathers are mostly a mixture of brown and black feathers unlike the prestine white down and feathers advertised as “Siberian” down.

  • A major supplier of “Siberian” down is quoted as saying

    "We have marketed and sold a high end, expensive, European region product called 'Siberian Goose Down' for a couple of years or more in this country and world wide. We have never claimed this product to represent a single country of origin".

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Should misleading trade names aimed to fool consumers into spending top dollars for a Siberian goose down duvet be rewarded with your business?

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