Why is 100% Down Impossible?

by Darryl


The DAC (Down Association of Canada) and Down Bedding Delights mention that 100% down is impossible.

I was almost ready to buy a down bedding product labeled 100% down, so I'm glad to know this.

My question is why is it impossible?

I want to be able to tell people why it is impossible next time I give them advice about spending top money for bedding. Also, many of those that sell "100% Down" are well respected sellers of items in places such as Ebay and their reputation makes me question whether 100% down is actually possible or not.


Hi Darryl

It is misleading for a label to claim that a product is 100% down because the sorting process is not so precise that other small semi plume feathers, would not be included. Therefore any product claiming 100% down is misleading. It's not a bad idea to become familiar with the differences in feather types.

It will make reading the labels easier to understand, and to know what you're getting when they talk about percentages of types.

Keep in mind that small semi plume feathers are comfortable, and are especially important with pillows and feather beds for support.

“In the U.S. and Canada a product with a minimum of 75% down can be labeled as down, but not as 100% down.” -- Downmark Canada

I suppose it could be possible, that there exists a super sophisticated sorting process that I don't know about, or doing it by hand might produce 100% down, but personally I doubt it.

From my experience most labels claiming pure down are the cover (marketing) labels but if you look at the manufacturing label sewn onto the product you will find that there is actually a percentage of other feather types included.

When considering a product with a label claiming to have 100% down, I would also wonder what else they may be misleading their customers about.

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