How To Sew Down Accent Pillow Insert Covers

If you haven't already tried your hand at sewing your own down accent pillow insert covers rest assured that it's very simple.

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Watch this video for guidance. Once you feel comfortable making simple shapes move on to covering fun shapes and challenging down pillow insert s.

How To Make Your Own Down Filled Cushions

Get more for your money by using a plain (less expensive) fabric on the backside saving the more expensive printed fabric for the fronts only.

Recycle by using old clothes or even used but clean rugs for fabric.

It's a great way to make keep sakes from outgrown baby & kids clothes.

Also great for actually getting some use from old an old bridesmaid's dress.

Sew a cushion cover to put over a purchased down pillow insert. They range in price depending on the style and size.

Down Accent Pillows & Down Pillow Insert s

Common Shapes & Sizes


Jumbo Boudoir

12” x 16”

16” x 24”

Neck Roll


6” x 15”

8” x 20”









Or stuff your accent pillow cover with wholesale feathers and down.

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