The Best Type of Detergent ?

by Lisa

I was wondering if you had any preferences for a brand of detergent that should be used to wash my goose down duvet??

I find that the kinds that i have been using leave my duvet feeling not so soft!

PS:I love how u have set up your site, its so easy to browse and get the information that I need.


Hi Lisa,

The not so soft feeling you get after washing your duvet is probably caused by a residue left by the detergent.

You might want to try putting it through the rinse cycle twice, but personally I use a gentle detergent like Woolite or Purex Free & Clear or a mild baby detergent to clean my duvet -- which ever is best priced at the time.

There also exists special
Down Cleaner

detergents that are made specifically for goose down products. These special goose down cleaners help keep the fabric of your duvet down proof, and will prevent the feathers and down from breaking down, so that it doesn't loose it's fluff.

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